Founded and creatively directed by Karen Claveria in Orlando, Florida, Trinket Traces, LLC brings one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces to express your individuality through delicate trinkets. Each unique piece is designed to fit your mood to wear as an everyday piece or for those special moments.
Jewelry has been a piece of accessory that I have always dabbled with from as long as I can remember. One of my most treasured trinkets dates back from when I was just a young girl -- a gold adjustable flower ring, given to me by my parents. It wasn't until these recent years after my favorite brand closed down, that my passion for jewelry sparked an idea in my mind. 
Creating my own jewelry brand and building a place where I can express my creativity and skillset, while empowering individuals has always been a dream of mine. My goal was to create a brand that inspired people to embrace the life they lived, while showcasing their authenticity and individuality, through something as simple as jewelry.
Each piece has been thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to share the little traces of my trials, triumph and everything in between. Let the trinket you choose be a reminder of your truth & story.